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Advanced C# (Mono / .NET) library for BSP and WAD files.
There is no executable to run!

If you want to import Bsp maps into Unreal Engine I recommend you HammUEr (not my work).

Library was tested on Windows 7 and Debian 9 (see, there is 9) so I expect it to be platform-independent (requires mono or .NET and access to System.IO).

May work with other .NET languages but not tested.
Will (probably) be ported to C (later).

I am currently working on own version of VHE (Valve Hammer Editor) which will use this as base / core library. If you want to help me, send me message and we can talk about it.

Supported operations:

  • Loading visuals BSP files
  • Creating OpenGL buffers from BSP (not final buffer data but all what is needed for them)
  • Loading WAD files
  • Creating WAD files
  • Creating 256 color images (for WAD)
  • Generating mipmaps (only 256 colors, required 4 mipmaps for WAD)
  • Extracting BSP parts into a files (in directory) + building them back

Planned operations

  • Full BSP support (loading light and colision)
  • Loading FGD files and validating entities
  • Loading visuals from MAP files
  • Building BSP from visuals

Supported BSP versions:

  • v30 (GoldSource)
    • Half-Life
    • Counter-Strike 1.6
    • Other games may work but are not tested
  • VBSP (Valve BSP, Source) - NOT SUPPORTED (YET)
  • rBSP (Respawn BSP, Titanfall) - NOT SUPPORTED (YET)
  • IBSP (Quake)
    • v38 / 0x26  (Quake 2) - NOT SUPPORTED (YET)
    • v46 / 0x2e (Quake 3) - NOT SUPPORTED (YET)

Supported WAD versions:

  • WAD2 (Quake) - SUPPORTED AS WAD3 (should not have transparency)
  • WAD3 (GoldSource)

More information

Published28 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags3D, counter-strike, goldsrc, half-life, library
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds


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